We’re two episodes into Marvel’s third MCU TV show spin off and it isn’t too much of a spoiler to tell you that LOKI is all kinds of magical.

Starring the timelessly hot Tom Hiddleston as my favourite Marvel bad boy and the titular character with Owen “he’s so hot right now ” Wilson (yes, Zoolander fans, that one’s for you !) as Mobius.M.Mobius, the Time Variant Authority (TVA) agent who recruits the God of Mishief, LOKI focuses on the TVA’s hunt for a murderous variant who is causing havoc in the timeline.

The plot twist is that the variant they are hunting is another version of Loki himself and who better to help catch him?

Rounding out the LOKI cast is Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer,
Sophia Di Martino as the Variant , Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15 and
Tara Strong voices Miss Minutes, the animated clock guide.

This series takes the kooky mystic energy of WandaVision and mixes it with the buddy cop action of Falcon and the Winter Soldier with great success. The chemistry between Hiddleston and Wilson is beguiling and the clever mix of animated TVA guides with a timeless city that never confirms which time period this is all happening in, ensures that Loki, and his viewers, realise he’s not in Asgard anymore.

MCU fans will remember that this Loki is the 2012 God of Mischief who escaped with the Tesseract during 2023’s Tony’s attempt to retrieve it in Avengers: Endgame.

A reminder of that scene:

Watching our favourite trickster react when he is presented with or discovers the events of Thor:Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok and his own death in Avengers: Infinity War is like watching a Tom Hiddleston acting masterclass. He takes your breath away with every tortured facial expression, eyes that are filled to the brim with unshed tears and that steely determination to ,if not fix things, at least work it to his advantage. Classic Loki.

There are Easter eggs aplenty in just these first two episodes, including Peggy Carter being arrested and escorted by TVA guards. One has to wonder: is this original timeline Peggy before she becomes S.H.I.E.L.D’s founder or Old Man Steve’s wife being dragged from her timeline? Man, I wish we could have Samuel L.Jackson’s Nick Fury do a quick MCU time travel explanation video!

Look, nothing will heal the hearts of those who watched our emotionally evolved Loki be killed by Thanos in Infinity War but perhaps this scene will lessen the pain considerably:

You’re welcome.

LOKI airs every Wednesday on Disney Plus.