Hands up if you, like me, will be spending Christmas Day, vegging out on the couch in your underwear and watching your favourite festive season movies? Fine… I know the “in your underwear” part is likely just me but you’re feeling me on everything else, right?

The upside of the national lockdown and having to stay in is not having any big family dinners to go to and I would much rather be staring into Colin Firth’s eyes anyway.

My festive viewing tends to veer towards the classics so if you’re in the need for an Eggnog and Chill vibe, head over to Netflix for its modern day joyous line-up.

Here are my top 5 must-watch Christmas movies:

Love Actually:

The OG of intertwining characters and story-lines that eventually converge into one big tear-inducing romcom is obviously at the top of my list! I’ll NEVER get tired of Sarah and Carl’s “will we/won’t we?” awkward office romance or get over how the late Alan Rickman did my girl Emma Thompson dirty (Snape breaking Trelawney’s heart, guys! SOB!).

The real reason for my annual re-watch, of course, is this timeless scene (even though I’m not a fan of Keira Knightley):

The Holiday:

Everyone watched this for the hotness that is Jude Law circa 2006 and the always gorgeous Cameron Diaz but let’s face it: the real couple to ship here is Kate Winslet’s Iris and Jack Black’s Miles. Their chemistry and gradual friends to lovers journey was everything!

When Iris goes from that totally relatable ” I understand feeling as small and as insignificant as humanly possible. And how it can actually ache in places you didn’t know you had inside you “ to having Miles write a melody for her … festive season relationship goals!

The Family Stone:

This dysfunctional family dramedy with an all-star cast is the ultimate “bring your girlfriend home for Mom’s last Christmas before she dies and everyone hates her” movie. The fact that said-girlfriend is the iconic Sarah Jessica Parker and the legendary Diane Keaton is the cancer-ridden, amazing mom makes it all the more sweeter and funnier.

I’ll admit that I sometimes get so lost in staring at the handsome Dermot Mulroney during this movie that I miss out on the witty dialogue but I genuinely love how well the cast fits together as a family.

The Santa Clause:

As a nine-year-old in 1994 when this Tim Allen movie debuted, I was immediately enchanted by the idea of an ordinary dad becoming Santa because he accidentally killed the former one and gosh, did I love the magical look of the North Pole!

As an adult whose past, very past, job included writing about The Santa Clause for three years running, I fell in love with all of the behind-the-scenes enchantments of this movie. I’d still kill for a real-life Bernard to run my life and elves to serve me constant cups of cocoa, though:

Harry Potter 1 to 8:

If you are not re-watching every Harry Potter movie and wishing you were part of the Christmas feast at Hogwarts every year, what kind of witch or wizard are you?!

Yes,I know this is more that one movie but there really isn’t anything more magical that following The Boy Who Lived’s heroic journey and cringing at the Weasleys’ awful Christmas sweaters (I’d totally STILL want one, though!).

Happy Christmas viewing, everyone!