I am currently having a very passionate love affair with Netflix … it has kick-started my 2021 and adjusted Level 3 of the SA Lockdown with a heady mix of cussing, sex, comedy and romance and I AM HERE FOR IT!

Since sipping on an ice cold mojito whilst ogling what little male talent Cape Town has to offer, strolling along the beach, is currently off limits to me (and you), here’s my #NetflixAndChill must-watch list:

Death To 2020:

Thank the Gods, Old and New, 20WTF is over and we can FINALLY poke fun at all of the s*** that went down last year. Enter Death To 2020, from the creators of Black Mirror, a British mockumentary featuring Hollywood heavyweights Samuel L.Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Leslie Jones, Kumail Nanjiani, Joe Keery and more as hilarious characters observing the events of 2020.

Everything from COVID-19 to Trump’s bulls*** and Megxit and other 2020 global headlining events are covered, which honestly just makes one realise how bloody long the year was. Laurence Fishburne narrates the show (because who wouldn’t want Morpheus telling you just how f***ed up things were?!) and is fantastic!

Death To 2020 has been negatively reviewed by some critics but let me tell you, I loved it. If we cannot laugh at a year that delivered none of the dreams we hoped for but was a living f***ing nightmare, what is the damn point of humanity? Dark humour is the only way to get through the insanity and Death To 2020 delivers hard on it.

History of Swear Words:

There’s nothing I love more than swearing (only around people I am really f***ing comfortable with) and guilty pleasure-watching Nicolas Cage in classics like Face/Off, National Treasure, Ghost Rider, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and The Family Man (ok, wait, those are quite a few movies – I may be a secret fan… ssssshhhh). Luckily, Netflix has just dropped its eight episode miniseries, History of Swear Words, hosted by a fine-looking Cage, so I am getting my money’s worth of both!

Featuring a host of comedians,language experts and cool throwbacks to shows, movies and music, History of Swear Words is a delightful 20 minute per episode trip down memory lane, exploring the origins of our favourite cuss words and how they relate to modern society.

Also, spoiler alert: Samuel L.Jackson does not hold the motherf***ing record for the most use of the word f*** in a movie … I am shook!


I’m going to straight up blame Jonathan Rhys Meyers and The Tudors for igniting my passion for hot AF historical romances in 2008. I’ve devoured every series like it in the years since with the ardor of a nobleman ruining the reputation of an innocent debutante … which is the premise of Netflix’s Regency period show, Bridgerton.

An adaptation of Julia Quinn’s successful novels (which I now obviously need to order and read in record time before the next season of the show), Bridgerton is, as Leonie so aptly described it in our Whatsapp group, “the Gossip Girl of the 1800s with really snappy dialogue, classical music remakes of Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande etc during the big Ball scenes and some veeeery steamy bodice ripper scenes that will have you reaching for your fan.”

She’s not wrong! The show stars Zimbabwean born
Regé-Jean Page, as Simon, the gorgeous Duke of Hastings who teams up with Phoebe Dynevor’s Miss Daphne Bridgerton to fool everyone into thinking they are courting so that he can be left to do his rakish man things and she can snag a high quality suitor.

You’ll have to watch the show to see how fake courting evolves into real lust and love between the two leads, but let us take a moment to appreciate Queen Shonda Rhimes ,creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away with Murder, who has cast captivating black leads as 18th century nobility and continues to bless us with the soapie, romantic story-lines and character developments we know and love her for.

Twitter, as always, can be relied upon, to really sell a show with its epic memes:

A word of warning, dear reader (said in my best imitation of Dame Julie Andrews as Lady Whistledown, the narrator of the show), Episode 6’s carnal nature will indeed need you to wave your fan over your, uh, delicate bits, and perhaps lock your bedroom door for a while…

I’m off to Promenade (as an activity and yes, Sea Point’s one will need to up its damn game) and find myself a duke with a manor and lush gardens we can christen all day and every way possible 😉

Happy viewing!