Fazielah Williams – Khaleesi

Born to a comic book geek dad and a costume-making mom, writer and social butterfly Fazielah discovered her superpower of cosplaying at the age of three months as Supergirl.

These days, Cape Town’s very own superhero can be seen rocking her Wonder Woman suit or chanelling her inner Mother of Dragons at comic cons around the country, while also managing social media for a top tourist attraction, blogging about the dire state of dating in the Mother City and planning her next epic international trip.

Tendai Sibindi – Lord Grey

Tendai, master of all things fun, alcohol related and information. Digital media consultant by day and beer lover at night. A huge fan of movies and traveling the world with the coins in my pocket and the shoes on my feet. 

Leonie Mollentze – Night Queen

Leonie is a renegade mother and communications consultant by day, and movie buff and karate kid when the sun goes down.

She loves New York, endurance races, obscure independent films, ridiculous podcasts and chocolate. Taika Waititi is her spirit animal. She’s trying to make her magic comeback, but can’t seem to find the time.