Brave. Just. Defend The Innocent.

As a sucker for puns, the episode title immediately stood out. As it turned out, I had it slightly wrong – originally thinking that it only referred to Jaime as the O.G. knight who is currently in the middle of his redemption tour, while also being a play on words as this episode would probably show the final night where peeps from across the seven kingdoms would enjoy a spot of friendly banter before facing certain death.

Instead (or, should I say, in addition), the title also referred to how Brienne of Tarth went from a Lady to a Ser with the touch of a sword. It was a beautiful moment, – wonderfully played by Gwendoline Christie.

The act of knighting Brienne added additional depth to Jaime’s character arc. Gone is Shrek’s Prince Charming lookalike who once shoved a boy out of a window. And, like he mentioned to both Bran and Brienne, he is a different man now. I’ve always liked Jaime. Even when he was an arrogant sister-shagging ponce, he showed great kindness to Tyrion when nobody else did, which gave us a glimpse of the man he would eventually become. I enjoyed witnessing his evolution as a human being.

I don’t buy the Jaime-Brienne romance that GOT fans are pushing though. What I see is two individuals who have been through their fair share in life, and who have deep love, respect and admiration for one another. The kind of love only the truest friendship and loyalty brings.

With the series nearing its end and storylines converging, the episode was understandably content-dense (Ghost! Gendria! Theon & Sansa! “Dany, I am your nephew”! The arrival of the White Walkers! Grey Worm promising Missandei cocktails on the beach!). But the central theme for me was what it meant to be a Knight. To live with honour. To become a person of honour when you weren’t before. It was interesting to see how many of those characters embodied the characteristics of Knighthood without necessarily being Knights themselves. Who has evolved over the past decade to the point where they are now brave, just, and defenders the innocent.

In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Yet, in episode 2, it was refreshing to see that the Iron Throne was the last thing on most characters’ minds. Former enemies were now brothers and sisters in arms. Together, and with the knowledge that most of them would be dead within the next 24 hours, they were brave, just, and focused on defending the innocent. Like real Knights do.

Full S08E02 Review By My Man – OZZY MAN

My inner conspiracy theorist says that this episode (and 1, for that matter) was all about making us love everyone again before cruelly ripping them from our hearts and minds in E3. My death list for next week stands as follow: Grey Worm, Davos, everyone in the Crypt, Jaime in Brienne’s arms after saving her, Edd, Berick and Theon. Will Bran warg into the Night King? I’m not sure… but I DO know that we’ll need extra snacks and tissues next week.

Brienne is the obvious choice, but I am going to go left of centre here and nominate our Pod. Apart from having a voice of an angel, he has been consistently loyal and true to those he serves.

Quote of the Episode:
“I’m no king, but if I were. I’d knight you ten times over.” – Tormund to Brienne