Khaleesi Fazielah weighs in on episode 1…

Winter is here… and with it, a final season premiere that was filled with tons of humour, romance and reunions that almost made us believe there were happily ever afters for our favourites – almost but not quite.
The producers and GRR Martin would never let us have that so, while we may have swooned over Jon and Dany’s Aladdin-esque magic dragon ride and cheered at Arya and Gendry FINALLY having their moment ( remember Robert’s “I have a son, you have a daughter. Let’s join our houses” comment to Ned in Season 1 Episode 1?), there were still plenty of note-worthy scenes to remind us that shit is getting real. 
From Dany and Sam having the awkward ” thanks for saving Ser Friendzone Jorah but by the way, I burnt your dad and brother alive” conversation to Bran’s many, many “we do not have time for this” deadpan liners and THAT horrible little Lord Umber as a screeching wight child and message from the Night King scene, we were back to good old familiar GOT terrain. 

I’m surprised they let Sam drop the “Jon, you are the rightful heir to the Iron Throne” bombshell so early in the season but with five episodes left, there isn’t much time to waste. That being said, we could do without the girl on girl pettiness from Sansa and Dany and Arya having to defend her sister against Jon. We have established that women rule and kick ass in Westeros and do not need to tear each down to do so, thank you very much.
Many fans have complained that this episode was too lighthearted for GOT ( come on, how could anyone NOT like Drogon giving Jon the stink eye for making out with his mom infront of him?)  but like Ser Davos has said once before, “Nothing fucks you harder that time” and I have no doubt that as we reach the end of this final (SOB) season, things will get darker, far darker, that anything we’ve seen in the past eight years.

People have been sending electronic ravens aka tweets theorizing that the Night King is a Targaryen because of the eerie way he arranged Ned Umber and co in what looks like the dragon sigil. Since I am crushing HARD on the Night King right now and we know that incest is ok within that family and I am the Mother of Dragons, I’m rooting for this theory. Maybe the title of Night King is passed down through the White Walker generations and this version is Aegon the Conqueror, raised from the dead, come back to take the Iron Throne, or my crush is just exploring his artistic abilities now that he is south of The Wall? Time will tell. I doubt that the producers would pull a “here’s another secret Blood of the Dragon” whammy on us, though.

Rhaegal, because let’s face it, he has been Dany’s most overlooked child over the past eight years and he deserved a moment in the spotlight! Fly, baby, fly!

Quote of the Episode:
Jon: Look at you.You’re a man “
Bran, being creepy as usual with his weird stare: “Almost”