So, here we are! The finale of the biggest TV series in TV history. In a year full of climaxes (Veep, Big Bang Theory, The Avengers and the Star Wars Saga), it’s safe to say today is the last day of normality, tomorrow will be emotional and Tuesday will be empty.

So here we are!

The final season has been a roller coaster. A lot of fans are upset about how the show has been going whilst others have dug deeper to find the beauty in the chaos. Nonetheless, it’s great to see the world talk about it, be invested in it and express themselves. It’s been a great conversation for the past 6 weeks and the conversation will continue after this for many years to come.

I must say, it has been a glorious ride. With a lot of highs (the deaths) and lows (Jon Snow is still alive), Game of Thrones has impacted the world in a massive way. Not only has it opened doors for new actors, writers and directors, solidified the art of cinematographers, but most importantly, it has brought people together. WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, watch parties and all sorts, brought people together to watch the hit TV series. It was the TV geek-fest we needed in the golden age of TV.

On Friday, the Super Fans (aka House Wyrd) took their views onto radio with CapeTalk 567AM. Pippa Hudson, the host of Afternoons with Pippa, and Primedia’s Breakfast Show producer Nicola Bruns and the person that got her hooked, Elri Steenkamp plus House Wyrd discussed Game of Thrones. I was on the phone from Harare whilst everyone else was in the studio (I wish I was there) and the conversation consisted of people from various backgrounds – one wasn’t a fan of fantasy content, another read all the books and watched the show, one binged the series and so forth. Then there was me, repping #TeamCersei (apparently I was lucky to not be in the studio). All walks of life came together to talk about HBO’s hit show – Game of Thrones.

It’s going to be tough to see the end of Game of Thrones but it was important that the end came. Some shows overstay their welcome and lose the plot along the way then get cancelled. Some shows bow out on a high and cement their legacy as one of the greats. Where Game of Thrones sits for you, is your opinion and it’s most likely to be high up. For me, it won’t be on the high table with the elites but its impact has been remarkable. The cinematography and CGI have achieved hall of fame status and I cannot wait to see the teams’ work outside of the show.

To the showrunners, the actors, the crew, the interns, clean up crew and the one in charge of the snacks, thank you. It was a really dope ride and I’m grateful to have dedicated an estimated 100hrs watching Game of Thrones.

So here we are. Thank you!