Ok, I am going to say it upfront: I didn’t,uh, come to Sex/Life for the acting. Gods alive, the performances are atrocious but Brad (Adam Demos)’s impressive member more than makes up for it and so I stan this trashy Netflix show.

I am six episodes deep (pun TOTALLY intended) and I have gasped in delight, cried out in emphatic surprise and been every bit as insatiable as lead actress Sarah Shahi’s Billie for more! 

Playing out on-screen like every Mills&Boons/Fifty Shades bodice ripping novel ever , Sex/Life follows new mom of two Billie as she veers between suburbia life with husband Cooper (Mike Vogel who is every bit as handsome as his co-star) and reliving her hot AF toxic love affair with Brad from eight years ago.

We’ve all been there – wondering about the bad boy who got away – but Billie has been writing in her journal on her laptop about all the sexy ways Brad once ravished her all over New York and her husband, who had no idea she’d been such a lustful freak before, has been reading it. See, this is why I prefer old school journalling – all of my salacious memories, thoughts and fantasies written on paper and very well hidden from prying eyes.

HBO will always have my heart for its no holds barred sex scenes (hello True Blood and Game of Thrones!) but I must say, Netflix has been pleasantly surprising me with its NFSW offerings lately. Between Sex/Life, Outlander and 365 Days (word to the wise, watch this one while wearing headphones – the sex is fast, furious and VERY loud. Your neighbours know that you’re enjoying some #NetflixAndChill time , they don’t need to hear it too!), I have been very satisfied 😉

The eight episode series muddles its way through Billie’s struggle, her inevitable reconciliation with Brad and poor Cooper trying his best to live up to Bille’s Sex Ghosts from Relationships past. Sex/Life isn’t going to blow … your mind, but it sure AF will keep you warm on those cold winter nights.