Thanks to the pandemic, most events are going virtual. While it is important for social distancing, it isn’t always great for that vital personal experience. Luckily, Comic Con Africa didn’t have that side effect this past weekend.

From online quizzes to live interviews with some of our favourite series stars and comic book artists, Tendai, Leonie and I had fantastic time together in cyber space and we really CANNOT wait to attend Con together in person ( fingers crossed for 2021!).

Some of my highlights include:

Cosplaying at home:

While I could not debut my Wonder Woman 1984 suit, I totally enjoyed modelling my tees and tiara at home

The Magicians’ Hale Appleman answering my book plotline question:

Being inspired by Bill Masuku, creator of the Captain South Africa comics:

Living my best online quiz taker life with Tendai every day:

Yelling “It’s Morphin’ Time!” and fangirling SO hard for Jason David Frank:

For everything I really loved about the online Con, there are areas I felt that they can improve on, namely:

  • Get better interviewers/panel moderators: I’m sure Con host Robbie Collins is a great comedian but an expert interviewer he is not and he let us down horribly in the Magicians and Jenny Frison interviews in particular. There are better questions to ask than what cartoon inspired a comic book artist and not insulting actors by not knowing that their series has been cancelled.
  • Improve app updates: While I know the programme was subject to change, the app wasn’t always updated as quickly as it should have been. A geek chick needed to plan her day and the changes messed things up somewhat here and there.

With great online power,comes great responsibility to make an online Con as awesome as possible. Reed Exhibitions did a great job, and with some tweaks, the Con can be even greater.

The weekend flew by faster than a speeding bullet! Here’s to an IRL Comic Con Africa next year!