“The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors” – Melisandre,Season 2

Well, Throners,the Red Woman was right …SO very right,and not just about the lighting of the most anticipated episode in the show’s history.

The Battle of Winterfell was dark,it was certainly full of terror and I,like many fans around the world,am still shook.

Those famously reported 55 long,cold nights of filming this mega episode and the millions of dollars pumped into its production were worth it and then some.

If you spent most of the episode confused about who was alive,who was dead and straining your eyes in the dark,it’s ok – that’s how it was meant to be. Director Miguel Sapochnik (director of Battle of the Bastards and Hardhome) purposefully shot the episode that way because this is The Long Night,it’s meant to be long,dark and full of terrors and a battle of this magnitude is supposed to f*** with your senses.

Giving fans exactly what they wanted for the Battle of Winterfell,especially after building towards it over eight years,would have been impossible and while it certainly had some moments that could have been better (I was NOT a fan of Jon hiding from a pathetic ice-fire breathing Viserion – he had the stamina to blow The Wall to Seven Hells but couldn’t blast Winterfell’s walls? Come on!), Episode 3 is a worthy fan favourite contender (and worthy of several Emmys too,hopefully).

We knew death was coming for our favourites – we just didn’t know how. Edd’s spear through the eye,reminiscent of Trystane’s death last season,delivered the first devastating up close and personal blow.

Lyanna “I won’t be knitting by the fire while my men fight for me” Mormont was given a send-off that will echo throughout television history for decades to come. It is a testament to young Bella Ramsey’s incredible portrayal of the fiercest and smallest warrior in the North that fans have been plunged into deep mourning for her and are all filling the internet with memorials like this one:

Theon went no balls to the wall (haha…get it?) in trying to attack the Night King after Bran told him he was a good man (is it just me or did this line sound too much like Jon telling Ghost he is a good boy?!). We knew him and Sansa staring lovingly at each other last week did not bode well for this episode but his death is a loss all the same. From the Bad Boy of Winterfell to Reek to a beloved member of the Stark family,Theon Greyjoy came a long way. What is dead may never die.

As much as this episode was about endless death, I am thankful for the “lighter” and surprisingly romantic moments provided by Sansa and Tyrion.

Our favourite Hand was out here drinking and knowing things when his ex-wife reminded him that clever quips would get him nowhere. Tyrion touchingly kissing Sansa’s hand as all the dead Starks in the Crypt were tearing the living apart and their long,meaningful glance absolutely floored me.

Here are our two unlikely heroes ,accepting that the other is the person they want to die with,despite all of the shit that went down between them…just wow. It’s a reminder that GOT is as much about violence as it is about the honest,raw human moments.

I want us all to take a moment here and mourn for everyone Daenerys lost during the Longest Night:

The Dothraki – her last living link to Drogo.Anyone who didn’t feel the impact of their magic swords being swallowed into the darkness of the Dead and seeing the flicker of devastation on Dany’s face at that precise moment is heartless. Unlike Jon,who grew up with but apart from his family,Dany didn’t have one until Drogo and his bloodriders (Viserys hardly counts!). They crossed the poison water ( the sea)  on wooden horses (ships) for her, as Drogo promised he would. If that isn’t love and loyalty, I don’t know what is. May their souls ride with the Great Stallion in the Night Lands.

Viserion. Losing one of the only children she’ll ever have (unless Jon’s magic incestuous sperm does the trick!) the first time was hard enough but to see what her baby had turned into and then having to use Drogon to fight him must have been unbearable. Losing him a second and final time as the Night King fell will undoubtedly have an even bigger effect on the Mother of Dragons.

Jorah the Andal. Ser Friendzone died doing what he loved: protecting the woman he has loved for eight seasons. I teared up seeing Dany cry over his body and Drogon trying to comfort her. Oh,to have Jorah say “Khaleesi,please!” one more time.

The shocking twists in this episode left me breathless…

If The Long Night’s pivotal storyline was Arya fulfilling her surprising destiny as the Prince that Was Promised, its secondary one was seeing Daenerys stripped of everything that makes her the Mother of Dragons,the Khaleesi of the Green Sea etc.

That Melisandre of all people makes the ultimate sacrifice at the end,is something even I didn’t see coming in the fires. Thank you to the writers and director for not exposing us to this again:

I’ll say this for the Game of Thrones writers – they truly know how to flip the script!

We mourn House Mormont, Edd,Beric,Melisandre and Theon … for now their watch has ended.


Dany,drunk on power and the high of defeating the Undead,is going to bring ALL of the heat to King’s Landing and things are not going to go as planned. Cersei is a conniving,evil bitch who should never be underestimated. Jon,Dany,Cersei and Euron will end up killing each other in a bloody and horrible battle,which may or may not include wildfire.

Secondly,and hear me out on this one: Tyrion and Sansa are going to find their way back together and end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms. Tyrion has the smarts and the ability to control the dragons (who better bloody survive or I am going to burn shit to the ground!),Sansa has the heart ,the support of the North and the Vale and can control Ghost (again,if my fur baby dies,there will be hell to pay!) and their mutual rule would be a just one.


Hate me all you want but my MVP for this episode is my man,my inappropriate crush,the ice devil, The Night King!

My killer love has waited eight f***ing seasons and thousands of years for his moment and by the Old Gods and New,did he make the most of it.

From his casual,Tom Cruise-in-Mission Impossible style fall from Wight Viserion to his cool AF walk towards Bran,complete with his back-up singers aka White Walkers and a killer backing track,Ol’ Blue Eyes was every inch the dead rock god,oozing ghoulish sex appeal,and I was feeling it.

I will mourn his untimely death for years to come.

To quote Kris,my 14-year-old godson : “Fazi,how can you POSSIBLY find that creature sexy?!”

I’ll explain when you’re older,Buddy …your god mom has dead daddy issues 🙂

Quote of the episode:

“What do we say to the God of Death?” -Melisandre to Arya,giving her the GOT equivalent of a pre-final football quarterback speech.