The much anticipated battle has arrived with the Night King finally making that long trek to the living, and the living were waiting. The theme “Winter is coming” has been the forefront of pop culture for almost a decade and in spectacular fashion, it was f***ing dark.

Fans were upset with the cinematography and if you pirated a low res copy (which is very, very bad), your experience must have been an absolute nightmare. If you caught the biggest battle in TV history on HD or UHD, it was a cinematic orgasm with eye catching moments to rival any piece of jewellry. For the 18 million viewers on HBO and the countless million on other networks, if you are a true fan of Game of Thrones, that was the perfect depiction of this battle. For seasons you saw light disappearing each time the army of the dead were in the frame, what light were you expecting in this episode?

The battle took place between the living and the dead. A very one-sided battle considering the Night King then raised the dead and expanded his army. Who knew the recruitment requirement was your death? The dragons even had a showdown with a handicap match between Viserion vs Drogon and Rhaeagal. What a battle! Here is the only battle the living won but at what cost. Rhaegal was seen crash landing into the snow throwing of Jon Snow which had me at the edge of my seat but there was no time. A battle was on!

The dead made light work of the Dothraki in a symbolic boxing manner of “knocking their lights out” before they charged onto Winterfell. The Unsullied held their ground and were able to hold off the dead but the dead kept on coming. It was wave after wave forcing the living behind the walls but that wasn’t enough. The dead kept on coming, breaching the wall and killing. The living became the dead, and the dead became the army.

The main characters were scattered and death looked imminent for them all. Sansa and Tyrion were in the Crypt, Bran was in the open to draw out the Night King, Jon Snow and Khaleesi were providing air cover whilst Arya manned the wall. Jamie and Brienne were on the ground and so forth. When the dead breached the wall it was chaos. Structure had been lost it was all about survival. Just survive!



Bran being protected by Theon and a small group, this was where the it mattered. Theon and his band held off a strong fight before they were overwhelmed by the dead. The dead surrounded Theon and Bran, waiting for the generals and the Night King to arrive. Upon their arrival, Bran said to Theon, “You’re a good man”. The final words before Theon charged towards the Night King to meet his fate.



Khaleesi at this point was knocked of her dragon, Jon Snow was racing towards Bran to protect him, the crypt had been infiltrated by the dead, the ground forces were overwhelmed by the constant attack of the dead. It was chaos and yet, very beautiful until Arya stole the show with an unbelievable switch of the hand and a dagger into the Night King, killing him instantly as well as the army of the dead.

The body count – unknown!


There was a lot of hugging going on when the dead breached the wall. Characters like Jamie, Brienne and Sam are not definitively dead neither are they definitively alive. The dead were hugging them meanwhile everyone else was killed. This we saw! Looks like people’s favourite characters are alive which is a shame. The show would have failed at its cut-throat and take no prisoners alive approach. The producers once said, “Dead is dead” and with the resurrection of Jon Snow, it’s evident the populism approach of the show runners. The theory – only one more main character will die.


None other than Lady Lyanna Mormont. At no point did she ever show fear in any of her scenes and she stood up to a dead giant. Poked that m********er in the m*********ering eye!

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