What is dead may never die but rises again, Superfans readers … Game of Thrones, the global phenomenon which ended its initial TV run in 2019, returns in 2021 with tons of news about a 10 year anniversary celebration, three additional shows in the pipeline AND a play headed to Broadway and the West End!

As you can well imagine, my, our Night Queen Leonie and Hand of the Queen Tendai’s heads are spinning with all of the Westeros excitement heading our way and we don’t know which event we’re more excited to see first.

The Iron Anniversary:

In honour of the pilot debuting 10 years ago, the GOT showrunners released a stunning Instagram collage, videos on Facebook and Twitter etc with the #IronAnniversary hashtag:

#IronAnniversary on Instagram. Image credit: Game of Thrones

We know there are MANY awe-inspiring moments over the show’s tenure to choose from as our absolute favourites but it’s that first shocker that truly got us hooked:

New GOT shows:

As you know, the House of the Dragon prequel production is well underway and we look forward to seeing Dany and Jon’s ancestors take what is theirs with fire and blood. However, HBO is investing all of its dragons, stags and copper coins into THREE more Westeros related shows.

The Sand Snakes’s ancestor, Princess Nymeria, is getting her own show! Image credit: Hollywood Reporter

The trio of series are set to give us a look at parts and eras of the GOT universe we haven’t spent much time in, including the founding of Dorne with Princess Nymeria ( namesakes of the Sand Snake and Ayra’s direwolf) thousands of years before the drama of the original series; Lord Corlys Velaryon (soon to be seen in House of the Dragon) ‘s epic adventures of danger at sea and the final series will be set in Flea Bottom, birthplace of Ser Davos, the Onion Knight, and Gendry Baratheon.

We’re TOTALLY ready for this!

Game of Thrones, the Play:

When the news broke that Game of Thrones was getting the Harry Potter and the Curse Child treatment by being turned into a play for Broadway,the West End and Australia, I was beside myself with excitement for what the White Walkers would look like on stage, the possibility of walking through the open mouth of an actual fire-breathing animatronic dragon in the theatre foyer and getting that must-have photo op on the Iron Throne.

Alas, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter , the Game of Thrones play will be focused on the all-important The Great Tourney at Harrenhal , which sees Rhaegar Targaryen crown Lyanna Stark the new queen of love and beauty and kicks starts the events that leads to Robert’s Rebellion, Jon Snow’s secret birth and the main series’storyline.


I have no doubt that the Tourney is still going to be equally as breathtaking on stage as the Battle of the Bastards was onscreen and that maybe there will be some sort of graphic visual to set the tone, harking back to the Children of the Forest, the Dance of Dragons and the Night King.

I’ll be showing up in full Mother of Dragons regalia on Broadway, anyway 😉

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