Blessed be the fruit … after nearly two years, we’ve FINALLY been blessed by the release of the first three episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 and it is EPIC.

As you’ll recall (and if not, catch up on Season 3 on Showmax), when we last saw June (Elizabeth Moss), she’d been shot while distracting the Eyes from the Air Canada flight carrying more than 80 of the Gilead children to safety.

June’s fate seemed dire while in Canada, the Waterfords (Joseph Finnes and Yvonne Strahovski) looked like they’d finally be made to pay for their ghastly crimes.

Season 4 ‘s first fast paced, thrilling three episodes deals with the fallout of June’s daring rescue of the children, her being on the run with the remaining Handmaids and how her big swinging decisions have affected her loved ones and foes in Canada.

While a lot of the groundwork for the characters and the storyline has been laid down in the seasons before, this fourth year is going to have to up the ante, the drama and the shock value ( The Ceremony is always so bloody horrific and torture is a given but viewers’ blood lust must be satisfied) if it is going to compete with all of the other great series and movies keeping people glued to their screens during this second year of the pandemic.

Judging by the first three episodes, and in particular, “The Crossing” , marking Moss’s directorial debut, Season 4 is going to meet all of the above mentioned requirements and then some.

My neighbours know I’m watching The Handmaid’s Tale by the number of times I curse and scream so loudly at my screen that my windows are shaking .. there were PLENTY of those moments already!

I won’t give away any spoilers .What I will say is that between the great new additions to the cast – teen horror favourite McKenna Grace as a 14 -year-old commander’s wife, and Smallville and Bitten star Laura Vandervoort – as well as sterling performances from our favourites (Bradley Whitford continues to be an absolute quirky delight while Ann Dowd is giving me hope that Aunt Lydia may come over to the May Day team soon), we’re in for another season of our favourite dystopian show that is going to keep giving us nightmares for years to come.