Could I be more excited?! Nearly 20 years after the finale aired, everyone’s favourite sitcom’s cast is getting back together for a Friends: The Reunion special on 27 May 2021!

Our six Friends Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer are back on the couch to reminisce about their best memories, read through the most popular episodes and have past guest stars pop by. My favourite late night show host James Corden will be hosting this HBO Max special.

When Friends debuted in 1994, I was eight years old and “not really allowed” to watch the show when it aired on MNET. I say not really allowed because much like with Beverley Hills 90210, I inevitably ended up watching whatever my 20 something year old aunt was watching at the time 😉

Fast forward to 2004 and my 18-year-old self cried as hard as any true fan when the Friends all handed back their keys to Monica and Chandler’s apartment in the finale.

Sure, I laughed out loud at the never-ending gags and swooned over the guest stars (yep, this is where my lifelong appreciation for Paul Rudd’s timeless sexiness started) but it wasn’t until I was a junior publicist in my early 20s at, working on the local PR for Friends in 2008, that I truly appreciated the brilliance of the show and cast.

I finally understood why Chandler had always been my favourite – our sarcastic natures were one (it’s the same as discovering , years later, that I am more of a Karen than Grace in Will&Grace!). I resonated with Monica’s desire to be a mom, wished I could fly my freak flag as high as Phoebe does (these days I do!), sympathized with Ross’s many, many romantic failures and often had the Rachel hair style. When I met Tendai and Leonie years later, they told me that every time I said hello to members of both sexes, I sounded like Joey:

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You would think my passion for the show has dimmed since then but I very happily rewatch the tenth season over and over again on my international flights ( dear Emirates, you realise there are nine other seasons of Friends, right?!) , have based my blog posts to my future kids on the show and spend all of their college funds on Pick n Pay Clothing’s impressive show swag:

The one where I can’t stop buying Friends swag

Fans have been demanding a reunion for years – some of us would really like a new limited 10 episode series but we’ll take what we can get – and it is FINALLY here!

With important questions being answered, like were Ross and Rachel on a break? (come on, we all know the answer to this one!) and more , Friends: The Reunion is The One You Cannot Miss!