“Somebody save me/Let your warm hands break right through/Somebody save me/I don’t care how you do it/Just save, save/Come on/I’ve been waiting for you”

If you sang that out loud right now, you are definitely a Smallville fan! To make that nostalgia all the more sweeter, join me in giving a SUPER cry of happiness at the news that our favourite 2000s superhero series is getting an animated revival.

Setting the Wall of Weird and news headlines all over the world ablaze, the Smallville animated series will see series stars Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum slip back into their flannel shirt and bespoke suit wearing characters , Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, respectively.

Smallville, which ran on first WB and then CW for ten seasons, chronicled the Last Son of Krypton’s teen years and saw our hero grow from The Blur to the Man of Steel. In a surprising twist, our Boy Wonder befriended Lex Luthor before he became the egomaniac, Kryptonian-killing villain we all love to hate. 

Tom Welling as Clark Kent and Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. Image credit: SuperheroHype.com

Smallville was hailed at the time for turning the well-known legend on its head and introducing familiar DC characters like Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (played by This Is Us lead stud Justin Hartley whose version was a lot more playful than Stephen Amell’s vengeance-seeking vigilante who kicked started the Arrowverse) and Lois Lane (a feisty Erica Durance and my personal favourite version of the character), in surprising ways.

After avoiding calling Clark Superman for ten seasons, the series ended with him in the iconic costume, engaged to Lois and dealing with Lex as the President of the US. A short-lived comic book series followed Clark,Lois and friends and their super adventures until 2015.

Welling and Rosenbaum have both been pretty busy since their first Smallville go-around. Welling went toe-to-toe with our favourite Dark Lord on Lucifer as the mysterious and murderous Cain before giving fans all of the multiverse feels with a quick Clark revival in the Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse crossover in 2019.

Swoon with me:

Rosenbaum will ALWAYS be my Lex Luthor. As much as I have been enjoying Jon Cryer’s OTT version on Supergirl, Rosenbaum played the sometimes vulnerable but always formidable Lex ,with just enough bad boy energy to make him irresistible, to a T. 

Rosenbaum left Smallville in Season 7 before returning to wreck havoc in Season 10. Since his time as Lex, Rosenbaum has starred in a number of projects, including comedy Impastor and MCU blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy 2 ,started a band Sun Spin and launched a very successful podcast series, Inside of You, in which he casually interviews celebrities on their lives and latest projects.

The Welling/Rosenbaum bromance has been kept alive and well with multiple interviews on Michael’s podcast and convention appearances all over the world over the past ten years. Welling announced their animation series is in development in a recent Cameo video on Instagram:

Whether the animated series will include storylines from the comics or make references to Clark and Lois’s two daughters as mentioned in the crossover, I don’t know. Let’s pray to Jor El this makes it out of development and onto our screens soon!