Ready your Dark Passengers, Dexter fans because Michael C.Hall is bringing our beloved serial killer back to life in a limited 10 episode series, titled Dexter: New Blood on Showtime, from 7 November 2021!

When we last left our lizard-brain deadly harbinger of justice, he’d lost his sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and his son Harrison and was on the run from the Miami PD and FBI to settle as a lumberjack in a sleepy town. I, like many other hardcore fans, was bitterly disappointed in the bland 2013 ending for my murderous weirdo. I’m sorry to say that the series of novels by Jeff Lindsay, that the TV show is based on, didn’t end on a better note either.

That’s all about to change, if the trailer,released yesterday, is anything to go by:

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gary Levine, Showtime’s president of entertainment, acknowledged that horrible ending:

It gnawed a little at us, and gnawed a little at Michael, that a series as good as Dexter didn’t end in a way that was perhaps worthy of the series.”

We find Dexter in the sleepy town we left him, passing off as a salesman by the name of Jim Lindsay in a playful tribute to the novels’ author, with a local murder spree piquing the interest of his inner Dark Passenger and we all know what that means … prep that Kill Room, Baby! With ghostly Deb stepping in where dead Harry left off as Dexter’s inner voice of reason, this season is sure to be tons of killer fun.

I, for one, cannot wait to satisfy my bloody lust for Hall on a weekly basis once again. Leonie and I were fortunate enough to see Hall perform live in his hit one-man Broadway show,Thom Pain (based on nothing)  , in New York in 2018. When I say he is magnetically hot and oh-so-tall in real life, I mean it! That piercing gaze was focused on Leonie for a hot minute and it is STILL something we gush about three years later.

You can see what I mean by enjoying Entertainment Weekly’s hot AF photoshoot with Hall here.

Image credit: Entertainment Weekly

Joining Hall in the revival are Carpenter as Deb, Jack Alcott as Dexter’s long lost teenaged son Harrison, Twilight‘s Julia Jones as his new love interest, Clancy Brown, Jamie Chung and more .

Catch up on the first eight season of Dexter on Showmax and don’t miss Dexter: New Blood this November!