Oh, Hell, it’s time to bid farewell to my favourite fallen angel, Lucifer, and I’m not ready. Far from it!

Ok, before we descend into the nine circles of Dante’s Inferno in this review, fair warning: there are TONS of bloody spoilers for the final season of this Netflix hit so please STOP reading if you haven’t watched it yet!

The fine AF Tom Ellis is back as our titular Devil with Lauren German as his one true love Chloe Decker; Aimee Garcia as the kooky, sweet and major believer Ella; DB Woodside as Luci’s angelic big bro Amenadiel; South Africa’s very own Lesley-Ann Brandt as demon Maze; Rachael Harris as Amenadiel’s babymama and Lucifer’s therapist Dr Linda Martin; Kevin Alejandro as Chloe’s ex-husband ghostly Dan; Scarlett Estevez as Chloe and Dan’s sweet preteen daughter Trixie and the sinfully beautiful Inbar Lavi as First Fallen Woman Eve.

New additions to the cast are the delectable Scott Porter as Dan and Chloe’s detective replacement at the LAPD and Ella’s new love interest Carol and kickass angel with a serious attitude problem, Deadpool‘s Brianna Hildebrand.

I mean, was it really necessary for the series creators to torture me all season long by making me choose between Tom and Scott? I’ve loved Mr Porter since his iconic Music&Lyrics boy band homage. Just look at this hotness!!

Lucifer has had more lives than a cat as it was first, saved by Netflix for two additional seasons after Fox cancelled it and then, got a smaller but packed with sinful action final sixth season.Wrapping up a story that has not only captivated audiences onscreen for the past six years but also has a loyal comic book following (the TV series is very loosely based on Neil Gaiman’s DC Comics graphic novels) was always going to be a tall order.

Does the final season nail a great goodbye? Yes and no and here are six reasons why (I mean, I’d go for the Number of the Beast but then we’d be stuck here all day and frankly, that’s a hell loop I’d rather avoid!):

  1. Sentimental callbacks to past seasons rocked my world: From that timeless scene of our Dark Lord speeding down the streets of LA and bribing a corrupt police officer to Maze using Afrikaans as her demon language , this final season is filled with sweet flashbacks and homages and I am here for it!
  2. Naked Lucifer is ALWAYS a good idea: Guys, I don’t make the rules. It is what it is and I, for one, shall NEVER tire of seeing Tom Ellis’s God-given gorgeous ass on display. Exhibit A:
Well, Hello Luci! Image credit: Giphy

3. Love is love and always wins in the end: Sure, Chloe and Lucifer are the core couple here but what a beautiful and well-earned moment for our favourite queer pair Maze and Eve as they FINALLY make it down the aisle?! Something I have always lamented about the DC TV shows, especially Supergirl, is that they often do a disservice to the lesbian relationships on-screen. Lucifer, as a show, and Brandt in particular as an actress, have done a marvelous job of showcasing Maze’s growth from self-loathing to self-love and finding eternal happiness with Eve.

4.The Terminator/Back To The Future plot device is lazy writing: Don’t get me wrong- Brianna is a fantastic addition to the cast and her performance as Lucifer and Chloe’s troubled half-angel offspring from the future is outstanding but seriously, Hollywood, how many f***ing times do we have to do the “child comes back to the past to save their parents and their future” storyline? It’s so 1985!

5. Sidelining core characters waters down everyone’s happy endings: Yes, this was a show about the Devil but the supporting characters are every bit as important as the lead and they deserve more than being sidelined. I, in particular, did not love Trixie becoming even more of an afterthought this season than the previous one. Ditto on Amenadiel, Linda and Charlie’s family dynamic being shoved aside in favour of the Deckerstar trio. And don’t get me started on how rushed Ella’s relationship with Carol was or how anticlimactic the fallout was of her discovering the truth about the celestials.

6. Thank AmenaGod for a final finale: Unlike any of the revivals we’ve seen and have coming (Will&Grace, Dexter, Gilmore Girls etc), Lucifer ends on such a neatly-wrapped final note that there is no chance of it being brought back at some point in the future and to that I say, hallelujah! Like The Big Bang Theory and Supernatural finales before it, fans of Lucifer can rest easy knowing their favourite characters are well, loved and living their best fictional lives.

It’s been one hell of a ride and I will miss The Prince of Darkness ( because, spoiler alert: he does NOT become God). Lucifer’s final season is now available on Netflix.