Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks, all anyone is talking about is the Showmax original show Devilsdorp and with good reason too: it is AMAZING!

This proudly South African production follows the bizarre murder and fraud cases in what was seemingly the sleepy town of Krugersdorp, just outside of Johannesburg, from 2012 to 2016 and how they are interconnected.

As with all things that blow my mind, I have become obsessed AF with this show and so naturally, I have been scouring the Internet for every article, fan theory and opinion I can lay my eyes on.

Here are the top 3 thoughts I had while watching Devilsdorp:

  1. Holy S***, my fellow South Africans are bats*** crazy: Guys, evil people walk amongst us! For real! I’m quite used to reading about this kind of insanity happening in the backwaters of the US or Australia but right here, in our own local backyard? Are you kidding me?! I always joke that I am more than willing to unleash my inner Dexter on the idiots who have annoyed or wronged me but I would NEVER actually do it. Eleven people lost their lives in the most horrific manner because Electus per Deus (Chosen By God) cult leader Cecilia Steyn was mad that local pastor Ria Grunewald dumped her as a friend and follower. Seriously, woman!
  2. Love cannot be that goddamn blind: When it was revealed that journalist Marizka Coetzer fell in love with one of the convicted killers, Le Roux Steyn, my jaw dropped. The only way I can describe my shock is in Afrikaans and because it is so fitting: Is sy dan jas?! (Is she crazy?). Look, I have been known to like a killer bad boy or two (remember my inappropriate crush on the Night King?) but even I have limits. I remember when the van Breda trial was happening and I told Tendai and Leo I found the accused Henri vaguely attractive. They bitch slapped me so hard virtually via WhatsApp and it put a very swift end to those kinds of thoughts. Why the hell did Marizka’s friends and family not do the same at the beginning of this madness?!
  3. Small-minded communities and religion are bad bedfellows: What made Cecilia’s smalltown followers so susceptible to her false former Satanic leanings and witch origins and their willingness to kill is their deep-rooted religious beliefs. Even the media got caught up in the Satanic Panic with many outlets dubbing the 2012 murders as having occultic attributes when really, Cecilia, Marinda and their group were just sociopathic killers. The Satanic Church of South Africa is distancing itself from the alleged wrong depiction of its religion in Devilsdorp. Listen to their CapeTalk interview about it here.

The content of this show is disturbing so I would recommend not watching it just before bed. I struggle to fall asleep every night since I’ve watched Devilsdorp, imagining the terror poor victim Mikeila Valentine must have felt, waking up to her imminent death. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of all of the victims.

As always, though, our local comedians can be counted on to bring some levity to the subject matter:

Devilsdorp is now available for streaming on Showmax. Listen to the show’s accompanying podcast on Spotify too.