I’ve been cosplaying since I was three months old – my parents created a Supergirl suit (Dad designed, Mom made it) and since then, I’ve never missed a chance to don a cape, a tights or channel my inner Dragon Queen. Thank goodness then, that Fan Con Cape Town happens each year so that I can indulge my inner geek chick!

This year’s event was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre Two on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April 2019 in our beautiful Mother City.

Hundreds of comic book, anime, gaming,TV series and movie fans flocked to FanCon for two days of epic cosplay competitions, exciting panel discussions, appearances by international, continental and local artists and cosplayers.

Things I loved:

  • Cosplayers going all out with their creative costumes and killing it, especially these guys:
  • The Iron Throne, obviously:
  • The cool panel discussions with local, international and continental artists and comicbook writers:

Things I wished there had been more of:

  • More cosplayers: Where are the rest of my Game of Thrones cosplayers at? I loved having the Queen of Fucqing Everything to, uh, share the Iron Throne with me:

I just missed everyone else. I assumed I’d at least run into a Jon Snow or three, considering FanCon was held on the eve of The Battle of Winterfell.

Next year, maybe?

  • More variations of merchandise: Don’t get me wrong … I loved the awesome haul I came home with:

I just wished there were interesting clothing, bedding and homeware options. I mean, who wouldn’t kill for a Wonder Woman lamp, a Hodor doorstop and a Doctor Who duvet cover?!

Overall, Fan Con Cape Town 2019 was an event worthy of all its superhero praise and I cannot wait for the 2020 edition!

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